Tuesday, October 9, 2012

[Hyperion] Calculation Performance Tuning

Essbase Calculation Performance Tuning

1. After we enabled Parallel Calculation, by default,Essbase uses the last sparse dimension in an outline to identify tasks that can be performed concurrently. But the distribution of data may cause one or more tasks to be empty; that is, there are no blocks to be calculated in the part of the database identified by a task. This situation can lead to uneven load balancing, reducing parallel calculation effectiveness.

2. To resolve this situation, you can enable Essbase to use additional sparse dimensions in the identification of tasks for parallel calculation. For example, if you have a FIX statement on a member of the last sparse dimension, you can include the next-to-last sparse dimension from the outline as well. Because each unique member combination of these two dimensions is identified as a potential task, more and smaller tasks are created, increasing the opportunities for parallel processing and improving load balancing.

3. Add or modify CALCTASKDIMS in the essbase.cfg file on the server, or use the calculation script command SET CALCTASKDIMS at the top of the script.

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