Friday, March 8, 2013

[TABLEAU] Aggregated Extracts

Aggregated Extracts

You can  hide fields, filter and aggregate data, and roll up dates to minimize the size of an extract.

Hiding Fields

Tableau does not include hidden fields in an extract. You can quickly hide all fields that the current data source does not use by selecting Hide All Unused Fields in the Data window menu. You can also right-click individual fields to hide or unhide them.

Filtering and Aggregating Data

Step 1
Open the Extract dialog box by selecting Data > [your data source] > Extract Data. From the dialog box, define one or more filters as needed to limit the data that is extracted. Global filters are automatically added as filters on the extract.

Step 2
After defining any filters, select the option to Aggregate data for visible dimensions. This option aggregates the data using the default aggregation for the measures.

If you do not want to use the default aggregation, you can right-click a measure in the Data window and select Field Properties >Aggregation> [select an aggregation].

If the extract contains Date fields, you can optionally Roll up dates to a specific date level to further minimize the size of the extract.

Step 3
When ready, click Extract in the Extract Data dialog box and specify a location for the Tableau data extract (TDE) file. The extract contains only the visible fields, and data is aggregated as you specified.

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