Friday, November 8, 2013

[OBIEE 11g] How To Access The Files From Other Drive Or Network Obiee11g


How to access the files from other drive or network Obiee11g 

To call any file/videos in OBIEE11g we will follow below steps:

Step1: Copy all files /videos in the below paths. Here Videos is my folder name which stores all my files/videos.



Step2: Once we are done with the above step, need to restart the services and access the files/videos using
Filename: Name of the files/videos which is stored in Videos folder which we created.

The above steps are well known to us, but there is one disadvantage on using the above method.

                      All the files/video need to store in the OBIEE server, where if we have thousands of files then it will be the problem. Because on storing thousands of files will make server down, as these files may take more memory.

To achieve the above disadvantage we need to store all the files in other drive/network other than OBIEE server.

How to access the files from other drive or network in OBIEE?

Step1: Navigate to C:\OBIEE11G\Oracle_BI1\bifoundation\jee path and open analytics.ear file.

Stpe2: On opening ear file we can see analytics.war file, open this war file.

Step3: Now click on WEB-INF folder and open weblogic.xml file.

Place the below code before </weblogic-web-app> tag.

Step4: Restart the services, now we can access the jpeg images which were stored N drive with folder name Videos using the below url


                  We can store all the files in different drives or network and can easily access this using OBIEE.

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