Tuesday, July 12, 2016

SAP LUMIRA (Installation & Connecting to Oracle Database)

Step: 1
Download the SAP LUMIRA Software from the below links

  • Sign in with any account shown (Preferably google)

  • Download the latest version into your local Computer

  • Click on Trial for Trial Version

  • Log in to SAP Store with your SAP Cloud Identity

  • Select SAP LUMIRA Standard Edition free trial

  • Review your account Information, accept terms and Place order

  • You will receive an e-mail with Reference Number from SAP Store Team, shortly describing the next steps on how to set up your trial.

  • Download the software file to your local computer

Step: 2

  • Open the folder in which the software exists and double click on it

  • Choose a setup language and a destination folder then click next button

  • Accept the license agreement and click next button

  • If you want to change any content click previous button else click next button

  • The software is being installed and make sure that the window is not closed till installation is in progress

  • Click finish to complete the installation process

Step: 3

Add New Dataset:

  • From Home screen, click new document to add a new document

  • A pop up screen appears, where you can select different sources of dataset

  • For example, let us select a Microsoft Excel sheet as a source document and click next

  • Choose an Excel sheet residing on your local computer to create the dataset

  • Enter dataset name and check the check box set first row as column names and click on Create button

  • Hence the dataset with dimensions and Measures has been created.

Step: 4

Connecting to Oracle Database:


  • Go to File-->Preferences

  • A pop up screen with SAP LUMIRA Preference settings is displayed

  • Select SQL drivers tab, here you have the list of all databases that you can connect to

  • Let us select an Oracle database

  • Choose the version of Database you wish to connect and click on Install Drivers Button

  • Choose the path where the Driver for the Selected Database is present

  • The Symbol shows that SAP LUMIRA has been connected to the selected Database via the Driver. But, we need to restart the SAP LUMIRA for changes to apply

  • Click OK and Restart the application

  • Open SAP LUMIRA, go to File-->New

  • Click on Query with SQL as data source option

  • Expand the Oracle database which you need to connect

  • Select the Database version for which the connection is established and click next

  • Enter the credentials to connect the Database

  • Enter Database Credentials and Click on Connect Button 

  • Select a table from the list of Database schemas present in the Oracle Database

  • Let us select Profits table in SH Schema and Query panel is automatically updated then click Preview Button

  • We can Select a few or all columns from the table and click on Create Button to create our Dataset

  • The table data is extracted from the Oracle database and a dataset with Dimensions and Measures is created by SAP LUMIRA

  • Now, we can create any number of Visualizations and Share the Visualized Data               

  • Here is a sample visualization for the acquired dataset

  • This is a Trial Version of Standard Edition hence, the Share Phase is not available but it is available for full version of SAP LUMIRA.
  • To Explore the Share Phase tab it is recommended to install Personal Edition which has access to limited Data sources to Connect.