Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Visual Studio .Net Installation

Step By Step Installing Visual Studio Professional 2013 RC
Steps to install VS Professional 2013:
1. First download Visual Studio Professional 2013 RC from here. Setup is around 3 GB. I recommend to download dvd iso image file.
You can also refer this post for new features in the VS 2013 RC.
2. Mount .iso file (if downloaded) , you will see following list of files.
3. Click on vs_professioanl.exe file to start the installation. You will see following screen first.

4. Read the license terms and privacy policy and accept them by selecting the checkbox in from of them. Click on “Next” button.

5. Select the features you want to install then click on “INSTALL” button to start the installation.
Setup will create system restore point first before installing VS 2013 components.

6. Once it’s done, setup will start acquiring the required components to install and will start installing core features. It will take few minutes to install it. You may required to restart your system (for once ONLY) in between the setup.

7. Once it finishes the setup, you will see the success screen as below.
8. Click on “Restart Now” button to restart your system. After restarting your system, you are now ready to use your VS Professional 2013 RC.
Here you are done with the installation of the Visual Studio Professional 2013 RC.
Now Just open the installed VS 2013 program from your system. You will see following welcome screen. You can sign in to your Microsoft account by clicking on “Sign In” button, else you can just skip the step by clicking on the “Not now, maybe later” link.
If you sign in with your Microsoft account, Visual studio will sync your VS settings between different devices and connect to online developer services.

9. If you click on the “Sign in” button, you will see the following screens.
10. If you are not interested to sign in, you can just skip this step and can sign in to your Microsoft account later. Once you have done with that, you will be asked to select a theme for your visual studio. You can select either Blue, dark or light theme. Also you can set your development settings from the screen. Off course you can change these settings later at any time.
11. Now click on the “Start Visual Studio” button to launch the application.

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