Friday, May 31, 2013

[OBIEE 10g] Directing A User To A Default Dashboard

OBIEE Directing a user to a default dashboard

One of our customers wanted the OBIEE users after login directed to a default dashboard based on the department they work in. First we created a view containing P_USER, DEPARTMENT and PORTALPATH.

In the variable manager we created an initialization block


We connected this to a session variable called PORTALPATH. This is a OBIEE reserved word so will get a warning, just ignore it.

You need to restart the BI-server and the Presentation server!

Let’s try it:




[OBIEE 10g] Multiple Connection Pools


OBIEE Multiple connection pools

Most BI-Server setups use shared connections to the database. But if we "generalize" the connection users we can see several groups: 

  • Reportbuilders; needs access to all tables, can transport a lot of data during development, are in the habit of "killing" query's when they "take to long"
  • Answers users: create there own "new" request each time.
  • Dashboard users: Only use predefined query's
  • BI-publisher: Can do a lot of query's in succession.
  • WriteBack users: need insert/update rights on the DB.

The help the DBA ask him for five users named: OBIEE_R (Reportbuilders), OBIEE_A (Answers_users), OBIEE_D (Dashboard users), OBIEE_B (BI-Publisher) , OBIEE_W (WriteBack Users).

In your RPD create five connection pools:

Create five Groups:

Now set the permissions for the Connection Pool:

Don't forget to disable "Everyone".

Assign the users to there groups and check in TOAD or SQL Developer if the right connections are made:

This way you can ask your DBA to assign the right resources to every group instead of an average setting for every one.

[OBIEE 10g] Catalog Search And Replace


OBIEE Catalog Search and Replace

Say we have 100+ reports where we need to replace the subject area from

PA_Production to SA_Production

Open the catalog in off-line mode.

Select folder which contains the reports you want to change:

Go to Tools > XML Search and Replace


Do the replace:

Press Refresh:

Check the result:

[OBIEE 10g] ODBC Client



One of the features you get when doing an OBIEE install on windows is the ODBC Client application. 

After starting the application you have to click:

File > Open Database to make a connection:

The usage of the database field is unclear for me at the moment.

From the utility menu you can directly test your BI-server sql:

From the View Schema you get an very unusable info of the catalog:

I couldn’t get the query list to work….

It seems this is a R&D/Q&D tool for the development team which somehow made it’s way into the production release. I you have some more info or usage- for it please let me know.