Thursday, July 13, 2017

Digital Marketing


Digital Marketing is Next Big thing. People nowadays are understanding that Digital Marketing is in high demand. some people might also think that it is just a hype and it will not last long. After looking and understanding the customer behavior the brand and marketing strategies which we are following can benefit the changing times It is proven that Digital Marketing is going to rule the world.

During the past three to five years the customer behaviour has changed a lot. We can find more than 400 million internet users in India and they are the boss for every business. Each and every business activity should synchronize their needs and behaviour as according to latest trends to overcome competitors in their respective fields. This change has brought a huge need for online advertising for brands. Brand Promotion and Online Reputation Management helps to advertise their products or services

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The growth of Digital Marketing resembles the growth of Small Start-ups, businesses, and Internet users in India. Finding the Right Digital Marketer with good talent is a major bottleneck in India. As per one survey report Demand exceeds supply for Digital Marketing Jobs. There is a huge demand for Digital Marketing Jobs. A Candidate with 2-3 years of experience in Digital Marketing is earning 5-10 Lakhs per annum. The Real-time data report shows that an Average salary for a Digital Marketer with few years of experience will earn around 7.2 Lakhs Per Annum. As per latest survey report there are 8 Lakhs Digital Marketing Jobs that are there available in India alone. If we see in global perspective the number of jobs available are pretty high.


People who want to start their career in Digital Marketing should possess the skills along with    personal branding. Basically, for a fresher, they need to focus on learning and practicing things with good analysing power and develop a passion for Digital Marketing. There are several career options for a Digital Marketer to focus like Content Writer, Designer, Conversion Rate Optimizer, Copy writer, Content Marketing Manager, Inbound Marketing Manager, Search Engine Marketer, SEO Specialist, Social Media Manager, Analytics Expert and several higher positions. The roles vary from company to company and if the company is start up multiple roles will be handled by one digital marketer.