Tuesday, September 10, 2013

[OBIEE 11g] Creating An Agent In OBIEE 11g


Creating An Agent in OBIEE 11g

In OBIEE 11g all the tables related to scheduler services are preconfigured. When we are installing OBIEE 11g, we are running repository creation utility (RCU). RCU is creating two schema called Metadata schema (MDS) and BIPLATFORM. All the scheduler related tables were created in BIPLATFORM schema. So Enterprise Manager (EM) is taking these schemas automatically and running scheduler services in BI 11g.

Connect with BIPLATFORM schema in the data source. There we can view the scheduler related tables S_NQ_JOB, S_NQ_INSTANCE, S_NQ_JOB_PARAM, S_NQ_ERR_MSG which are created already when we were running RCU.

So if we are opening the Job Manager, we will not get any option ‘Open Scheduler Configuration’ like OBIEE 10g. We will get the screen like below:

By Selecting ‘Open Scheduler Connection’ we will get the window like below

We have to give Administrator username and password of the RPD.

And click OK button you will get Job Manager Window there we can see the current running Agents.

If you want see the configuration window Login in EM using below line

Go to Business Intelligence -> Core Application

Select Deployment tab -> Select Scheduler there we can see the database has been pre-configured.

If we want to send the created Agent to Email then there is small workaround to be needed.

In the same above window select Mail tab under Deployment tab. There we have to give SMTP server port number and from which Email address we want to send.

After you entered all the details in the fields we have to Activate Changes and restart the BI Services.

Now we can login into the presentation services and select New -> Agent.

All other steps are same like OBIEE 10g in each tab. 


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