Friday, April 22, 2016

ODI Installation in Redhat 6

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  1. For ODI Silent Installation we have to use Response file (. RSP)

  1. In my case I used below RSP file that named as odi.rsp

  1. Go to extracted folder on that ODI --> disk1

  1. Then type below command
. /runinstaller - silent - reponsefile - /home/oracle/odi.rsp

C:\Users\SSS2015052\Desktop\New folder\ODI\Capture.PNG
  1. Click enter it will prompt you JDK location give a proper JDK location like below screen
C:\Users\SSS2015052\Desktop\New folder\ODI\Capture2.PNG
  1. It will start install in silent mode
          Below screen showing file is copying
C:\Users\SSS2015052\Desktop\New folder\ODI\Capture3.PNG
  1. Now ODI installed successfully in silent modeC:\Users\SSS2015052\Desktop\New folder\ODI\Capture4.PNG
............ to be continued navigate to BIAPPS Installation

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