Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Configuring soap UI with OBIEE 11g (Agents)

Create new SOAP project:

Provide the WSDL URL:
After creating project the following objects will be created:
Now, go to SAWSessionService-logon-Request1-Open request editor

The request editor window will look like:
Provide weblogic username and password:

After submitting request following XML code will be created on right side window. Note the session ID from the right pane
Now goto-IBotService-executeIBotNow-Open request editor
Now provide the path of your agent and the session id noted in previous step.

Now submit the request.

Once the request submitted successfully, agent will be executed which you can observe once you login to obiee.

We can also invoke the webservice from obiee.
Select New Action

Select 'Invoke a web service'

Provide wsdl url:
select 'executeIBotNow' under IBotService and click OK.

The following window opens.
Here Path and Session ID can be given here itself or can be given at runtime.
Save the action.
Now create a report like:

Go to column properties - Interaction - action links
Select existing action:

Give OK
Now go to results tab and click on the column and select action link
Click on execute
Now we can see that the web service is invoked from the action we created and agent gets executed.


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