Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Informatica PowerCenter 9.0.1 Installation (Windows)

Informatica PowerCenter 9.0.1 Installation and Configuration Complete Guide
This article provides complete step by step instructions  for installation and configuration of Informatica PowerCenter 9.0.1. This includes the installation of server components, configuration of different Informatica services and client installation and configuration.
Order of Installation and configuration of Services.
        1. Installation of  Informatica PowerCenter Server.
        2. Configuring Repository Service.
        3. Configuring Integration Service.
        4. Installation of  Informatica PowerCenter Client .
        5. Configuring Domain
        6. Creating Folder in Repository.
1.Installation of Informatica server 9.0.1 On Windows7.
Step 1: Go to Informatica software location and open server folder as shown below:

Step-2: Explore server folder then you can see the sub-folders presented in it as shown below and  install.exe file or right click on it and run it as administrator.

Step 3: Go to Informatica software location and open server folder

Step 4: Choose the type of installation you want.

Step-5:Enter license key which has been generated along with your installation pack.
Step-6:It starts installation by creating domain as shown below

Step-7:It configures database credentials as shown below.
Step-8:  Configuring   Domain Credentials.
Step-9: After continuing the installation skip the user account details as shown below.

 Step-10:That’s all the installation is done as shown below:

2.Configuring Repository/Creating new repository:-  
     2.1 Up the Informatica Services:
      2.1.1: Goto →run→services   as shown below.

Select informatica services as shown below:
Go to Start menu and Click on “Informatica Administrator Home Page”. This will open up the Admin Console in a web browser.

step 2.1.2
Log on to Admin console using your Admin User ID and Password. You set your Admin User ID and Password in “Domain Configuration” section Step 3

2.2.Configuring Of Repository Service :
Step : 1
Choose your Domain Name from “Domain Navigator”, Click on “Actions”, Choose “New” Repository Service.
Step2 :  Creation of new Repository Service
  1. Repository Name :     infa_sss_repo (Your Repository Name).
2.    Description :  An optional description about the repository.(not mandatory)
3.    Location:    Choose the Domain you have already created. If you have only one Domain, this value      will be pre populated.
4.  License:   Choose the license key from the drop down list.
5.Node : Choose the node name from the drop down list and click next
Step : 3 Configuring  Database Credentials
A new screen will appear, Provide the Repository database details.
  1. Database Type : Choose your Repository database (Oracle/SQL Server/Sybase)choose according to your choice
  2. Username : infa_repo_user(Database user ID to connect database)the user we created earlier
  3. Password:  Database user Password.
  4. Connection String :  orcl (Database Connection String).
(Our database is oracle lo given string as orcl,it differs from databases)
  1. Code Page : (by default)Database Code Page
  2. Table Space : Database Table Space Name
  3. Choose “No content exists under specified connection string. Create new content” as shown below:

Enable the service ,After the repository creation below screen will be seen. The repository service will be running in “Exclusive” mode as shown below. This needs to be change to “Normal” before we can configure Integration service.
Click “Edit” Repository Properties.
3.Configuring Integration service:
Step-1: Select Integration Service to create  

Step : 2
A new window will appear, Provide the details as shown below.
Name: Your Integration Service Name.
Description:  An optional description about the repository.
Location: Choose the Location
License: Choose the license key from the drop down list.
Node : Choose the node name from the drop down list.
Click Next.


           Step3: Specify the user Credentials as shown below:
             Username:  Admin user name.
             Password : Admin password.
            Data Movement Mode : ASCII.

Step : 4
A pop up window will appear, Choose the Code Page as ANSI,Click Ok.
4.Installation of Informatica Power Center Client:  
Step : 1
Installation wizard Starts.  Choose the installation type as in the below image.
Click Next.

Step : 2
Installation Pre-requisites will be shown before the installation starts as below.
Click Next.
Step : 3
Choose the client tools you need. Only PowerCenter Client is mandatory.
Click Next.
Step : 4
Choose the client installation directory.

Click Next.
Step : 5
Click Install

Step : 6
Installation is completed  and you will get the post-installation summery,now the installation is done.
5.Configuring Domain :-

6.Creating folder in repository:
 That’s all The installation,configuring repository ,integration,domain and folder is completed


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