Monday, January 21, 2013

[Microsoft BI] Table Initial Sorting

 Table initial sorting

Default sorting in a report can be helpful if we want to see sorted report results so we don’t need to do it after the report is presented with results: For instance we might have a report that shows Website Total visit by keyword user type. In most cases we are interested in keyword with the highest number of Visits so we should see report results sorted by default using Total Visit column.

Below pictures present how to apply default sorting. Select the table where you want to apply default sorting and from drop down box properties select Tablix Properties.

In Tablix Properties window select Sorting tab and then click on Add button.
From Sort by drop down box select the field which the results should be sorted by and set Order.

Now just run the report and you should see that SSRS table initial sorting properties we set order the report data by the column we specified

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