Wednesday, January 30, 2013

[OBIEE 10g] Handling SCF Data / PIT Reporting


OBIEE Handling SCF data / PIT Reporting

Due to more and more compliance rules a lot of DWH's these days have there data stored based on the SCF principal (Slowly Chancing Fact). A typical example of SCF data is the state of an order:


If you want to do PIT reporting (Point In Time) you need to use the SCF columns:

One possible solution track is using creating a SCF_IS_PIT column in the repository based on a repository variable. 

First let's create a PIT_DATE session variable:

Next create the column:

Our data will now look like this (Current date = 03-DEC-2008")

If we add a filter to our report :

we only get "CURRENT" data:

For most users this is the information they are looking for. For those who need to go "back in time" with the same report, you simple add a prompt to the dashboard allowing them to set the PIT date:

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