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[ODI 11G] Agents In Oracle Data Integrator

Agents in Oracle Data Integrator

This is how to create an single and multiple agent and how to start an scheduler agent and other information.

Step 1 – Start the Agent.bat or Agent.sh under oracledi/bin

Step 2 – Topology Manager – >   Physical Architecture – > Agents  -> Insert Agent


Provide the required information and click Test  and you should get a pop – Agent Test Successful. The default Port is 20910

If you are getting this above error message , it means you have not started agent.bat or agent.sh and Please do so and test again.

[ Note : - In case you wish to start an agent on another port say 20911 , go to Oracledi/bin  and type  agent -port=20911 and click test for successful connection . By default agent.bat or agent.sh communicate on 20910 port only ]

Step 3 – Topology Manager – >   Logical  Architecture – > Agents  -> Insert Agent

Link the Physical and Logical Agent with the required Context.

Step 4 – Editing odiparams.bat or odiparams.sh


rem Repository Connection Information


set ODI_SECU_DRIVER=oracle.jdbc.driver.Oracle Driver

set ODI_SECU_URL=jdbc:oracle:thin:@WIN-Q5COCAGCSMF:1521:ORCL






  • ODI_SECU_DRIVER – Provide the driver name of the Agent Technology ( for my example its Oracle )
  • ODI_SECU_URL  -  Provide the Url of the Connection string
  • ODI_SECU_USER – Master Repository User
  • ODI_SECU_ENCODED_PASS – Master Repository User Password , To encode any password under oracledi /bin in command prompt or terminal type  agent encode <password > for windows (or)  sh agent.sh encode < password> for Unix
  • ODI_SECU_WORK_REP – Work Repository Name

Don’t change the ODI_USER  & ODI_ENCODED_PASS from default , unless you want to run from other SUPERVISOR privilege account or you have changed the SUPERVISOR  password.

Step 5 – Running an Agent

Running ODI Agent as scheduler agent

Run the agent in agentscheduler mode  from oracledi/bin

agentscheduler -name=<agent_created> -port=<port_no>for Windows

sh agentscheduler.sh -name=<agent_created> -port=<port_no> for Unix

To run into background run the command  in Unix -

sh agentscheduler.sh -name=<agent_name> -port=<port_no> &

Running ODI Agent as Windows Service

agentservice -i -s <agent_name> as Scheduler Agent

agentservice -i -a <agent_name> as Listener Agent

For help on agent service type – > agentservice – help

To start the service go to the service ( services.msc ) . Right click Start

( Or ) NET START SnpsAgent<agent_name> ( from windows common prompt)

For my example – > SnpsAgentXMT_AGENT

Running Multiple Agents. 

Lets say I am creating another agent – XMT_AGENT_2  on Port –20911

Run the agent.bat or agent.sh with the port number you are planning to run on.

Click Test for successful connection.


To run simultaneously agent 1 and agent 2 , we will need to make a duplicate of   agentscheduler  . Rename the copy to  meaningful name  for my example i have renamed to   agentscheduler_2.bat.

Lets run both the agent simultaneously.

For creating agent on two different Server , make a copy of odiparams and agentscheduler and lets say  i rename to  odiparams_2.bat and agentscheduler_2.bat  and

change the  the agentscheduler_2.bat   – >

call “%ODI_HOME%\bin\odiparams.bat” to

call “%ODI_HOME%\bin\odiparams_2.bat” .

Load Balancing

If you have two or three agent and you want to do Load Balancing ,

under  Physical Agents  – > Load Balancing check the required Agents

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