Monday, February 4, 2013

[OBIEE 11g] Adding Documentation Files To The Catalog


OBIEE Adding documentation files to the Catalog

To upload your documentation files to your catalog

First go to the catalog manager in browser: expand your shared folders:


Click on new > Folder

Give it a meaningful name:

Select the folder:

Press Upload:


Select a file:

Now your documentation is accessible from the catalog:

Put it for instances as a link on your dashboard:
The path is a bit tricky to get used to:

http://<<SERVER_NAME>>: <<port>>/analytics/saw.dll?downloadFile&path=%2FShared%2FDocumentation%2Fdocumentname.ext



Now this might not be the easiest way to publish your documents, but the great advantage is that you can use the OBIEE security model to control access:

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