Monday, February 4, 2013

[OBIEE 11g] Script Metadata Generation

OBIEE11g Script metadata generation

After deploying your RPD for a couple of time you will have noticed the nice versioning OBIEE does:

Problem with this versioning is that you loose your Meta Data Dictionary (MDD) setup every time you deploy a new rpd.

Actually this is good since a new RPD should mean that al your changes end up in the MDD. Especially on development systems where updates are done on & off-line, the MDD will soon be out of sync.

Why not set up a job which simple refreshes the old and adds the new onces.
WARNING This script uses the /Command for the admin tool which is NOT supported (or documented)

Let´s start with a VB script:

On Error Resume Next 

Dim fso, folder, files, NewFileP, NewFile, RPDFolder, MDFolder, delfolder, AdminUser, AdminPassword, WshShell
    Set fso = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
    'Be sure there is no \ at the end of the repository folder
    if right(Parameter(0),1) = "\" then
        RPDFolder = left(Parameter(0), len(Parameter(0), -1))
        RPDFolder = Parameter(0)
    end if
    'Be sure there is no \ at the end of the repository folder
    if right(Parameter(1),1) = "\" then
        MDFolder= left(Parameter(1), len(  MDFolder= Parameter(1), -1))
        MDFolder= Parameter(1)
    end if
    AdminUser = Parameter(2)
    AdminPassword = Parameter(3)
    Set folder = fso.GetFolder(RPDFolder)
    Set files = folder.Files
    For each folderIdx In files
    'loop trough the rpd files
        if right(folderIdx.Name,3) = "rpd" then
            'Delete the "old" meta data
            NewFileP.WriteLine( folderIdx.Name)
            set delfolder = fso.GetFolder(MDFolder&"\"&left(folderIdx.Name,len(folderIdx.Name)-4))
            Set NewFile = fso.CreateTextFile(RPDFolder&"\nqGenerateMetaData"& left(folderIdx.Name,len(folderIdx.Name)-4) &".txt", True)
            'Add instructions to the \nqGenerateMetaData.txt file
            NewFile.WriteLine( "Open "&  RPDFolder &"\" &left(folderIdx.Name,len(folderIdx.Name)-4) & " " & AdminUser & " "&   AdminPassword & " "&   AdminPassword)
            NewFile.WriteLine( "Hide")
            NewFile.WriteLine( "GenerateMetadataDictionary " & MDFolder & "\" )
            NewFile.WriteLine( "DescribeRepository " & MDFolder & "\"&left(folderIdx.Name,len(folderIdx.Name)-4) & "\REPOS.XML  UTF-8")
            'add the closing commands           
            NewFile.WriteLine( "Close")    
            NewFile.WriteLine( "Exit")
            'run the script
            Set WshShell = CreateObject("WScript.Shell")
   ( "D:\OBIEE\Oracle_BI1\bifoundation\server\bin\AdminTool.exe /command " & RPDFolder& "\nqGenerateMetaData"& left(folderIdx.Name,len(folderIdx.Name)-4) &".txt")
            Set NewFileD = fso.CreateTextFile("d:\xslcopy" & left(folderIdx.Name,len(folderIdx.Name)-4) &".bat", True)
            NewFileD.WriteLine ( "MD " &  MDFolder & "\" & left(folderIdx.Name,len(folderIdx.Name)-4)& "\xsl")
            NewFileD.WriteLine( "COPY D:\OBIEE_REP\Scripts\MetaDataDictionary\xsl\*.* " & MDFolder & "\" & left(folderIdx.Name,len(folderIdx.Name)-4)& "\xsl")
   ("d:\xslcopy" & left(folderIdx.Name,len(folderIdx.Name)-4) &".bat")
        End if

Put it in a file called “AutomateMetaDir.vbs”

The GenerateMetadataDictionary command in 11g doesn’t created the proper XSL directory from the command line. Create one from a manual export and put it in your script directory so you can copy it when needed. 

Create a new job to refresh every thing once every x hours.

Don’t forget the parameters:

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