Tuesday, September 29, 2015

BIApps Installation : OBIA PATCH UPDATES

In Our previous page we implemented OBIA INSTALLATION. Please go to ...Previous Page
Now we will see PATCH UPDATES

Download all the patch files from oracle support site

uzip all the files in a folder structure as given below

Create a New Folder in that add all the patch files

Make sure all servers like weblogic ,Node manager ,opmnctl ..etc are stopped

if you are not sure how to stop all restart your PC

also go to services.msc and stop all of them

Navigate to path D:\OBIEE_HOME\Oracle_BI1\biapps\tools\bin open apply_patches_import file

Modify all parameters as shown below
Open command prompt window execute below perl script
in cmd
perl D:\OBIEE_HOME\Oracle_BI1\biapps\tools\bin\APPLY_PATCHES.pl D:\OBIEE_HOME\Oracle_BI1\biapps\tools\bin\apply_patches_import.txt
UPDATE ATGLITE PATCH by running below command in command prompt
CMD --> Run as Administrator
UPDATE FSM LITE by running below command in command prompt


... to be continued Navigate to OBIA Configuration

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