Friday, October 30, 2020

User Functions in ODI 12c

User functions can be used for reducing the complexity of code in mapping/procedures.

To avoid redundancy in mappings.
Re-usability and sharing code to other mappings

We can used in:

·         mapping

·         Procedure

·         Expressions

·         Filter component

·         Joiner component

Source table:

Here we have to create trim user function for all mapping,that is for project level.


·         Create source table and target tables same as above

·         Refresh the models using reverse engineering KMs

·         Follow the below steps to create user functions.

·         create user function in project


Enter the Name and group name of user functions

Enter the syntax which is function


Go to implementation tab and select add button (+)

Select the technology and logic with parameters.


Create Mapping for execute our function

Here we are using expression transformation

We must use trim user function on FIRST_NAME

Logic in expression component.

·         Use default IKM and LKM

·         Let’s EXECUTE



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