Tuesday, September 15, 2020

How to create variables in ODI

A variable is an object that stores a single value. This value can be a string, a number or a date. The value is stored in Oracle Data Integrator, and can be updated at run-time.

Creating Variables

Now we need to save this variable and you pass in any mappings

Then we need to take source and target in between that we need to give filter condition.

Later we have to edit filter condition by using gear option which is highlighted.

Here we need to select variable by double clicking in odi objects click on apply ang give ok.

Now we can see output as

Refreshing concept:

Firstly we need to create one table after that craeting column name as vardeptno which is variable name.

Now we need to refresh it and it shows run then click on ok.

Then come back to your mapping and again run your mapping.


Finnaly we get output as:











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