Friday, October 16, 2020

Concatinating data from two columns and data loading in single column the output data should place in excel file


Tredshift input:  Reads the data from DataBase and Extract field based on query.(extract data based      on condition)



Tmap:  tmap transforms and routes data from single or multiple sources to single or multiple destinations.


tfileOutputExcel:  tfileOutputExcel outputs data to an MS Excel type of data.





1.       Mapping as shown below



Dropping and Linking components:

1.    Drop a tRedshiftInput, a tmap, a tFileoutputExcel on our design.

2.    Link tRedshiftInput to tMap using a Row > Main connection.

3.    Link tMap to tFileoutputExcel using a Row > newOutput(Main).


Steps to follow:

1.       Give connection credentials for source ie(tredshift Input component)




2.       Retrieve table from required schema and click guess query or paste the user query  in query Box.



3.   Using tmap conactinating two columns that map as shown below



Above screen shot from source table (as_of_date, scenario) both columns are mapping in target table scenario colum by using tmap component

Concatination expression as shown below



5.       In tfileoutputExcel give path for file where we want to store and menssion extenssion of file save  .xls (the data should store in Excel formate ).



6.        Output:



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