Friday, January 25, 2013

[OBIEE 11g] Creating A Stacked Bar Chart

Creating a Stacked Bar Chart in Oracle BIEE 11g

This representation of the data displays the results of multiple queries stacked one on top of the other, either vertically or horizontally in a range of 100%. Using a 100% stacked bar graph is a way to present the absolute values of data points represented by the segments of each bar. From the Oracle’s default graph’s list in Analytics you won’t be able to find this option, but doesn’t mean that we cannot reach this requirement and we will see how, in the following text.

Find below the steps to get a 100% stack bar chart with Oracle Business Intelligence 11g using as environment the sample application provided by Oracle, SampleApp.

1.-We log in OBI and either from the Home page or from the top menu we create a new analysis and select “A – Sample Sales” subject area.

2.-Select two attributes and a metric for building your analysis. For our example we will use Month from the Time dimension and Brand from the Product dimension, and, as a metric, we take Revenue. The Criteria should look like as follows:

3.-Moving to the Results tab we will get the Report default view. Either this view or graph view doesn’t work for our purpose:

4.-What we need to create our 100% stack bar graph is a Pivot Table view. Click on new view and select Pivot Table:

5.-Edit the Pivot table view and, in the Layout section, distribute the attributes between Columns and Rows accordingly, whereas the trick stays on the way of displaying the metric. You can duplicate the metric or use the same metric, but it has to be displayed as a Percent of Row as shown in the image below:

6.-Lastly, when we add graph representation for the Pivot Table and select stack columns, we see how data is represented in a standard Stack Bar Graph but with the expected functionality of a 100% Stack Bar Graph.

To sum up, a new graph type has been uncovered for serving the users in a few clicks but also in a very flexible way due to the fact that during the process of getting this view there is no impact on the repository side for obtaining a new type of metric representation which has been managed from the presentation layer.

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