Friday, February 1, 2013

[OBIEE 10g] Admin Tool Pointing To Sql Server

Admin tool pointing to SQL Server

This requirement is  to pointing to SQL Server on Unix Box.  

For WINDOWS as Operating System:

We can define a system DSN for SQL Server DB and specify the name of the DB on which we are working in that system DSN.

For UNIX as Operating System:

OBIEE makes use of the DataDirect Connect ODBC Drivers for connectiing to LINUX and UNIX boxes. These drivers are present in the location

$OracleBI/odbc. The 32-bit drivers are installed in $OracleBI/odbc/lib and 64-bit drivers are installed in $OracleBI/odbc/lib64.

 1) We need to modify the odbc.ini file and make an entry for new DSN. So, better    take a backup of the file before making any changes to the file.

2) Locate the path to ODBC driver file, in Unix system. It resides in
$OracleBI/odbc/lib. Copy the path to a notepad.

3) Now,open the oddbc.ini file. We can locate the odbc.ini file in
4) Make the below entry in odbc.ini file:

[DSN Name]
Description=DataDirect 5.1 SQL Server Wire Protocol
Address= <IP>,1433(PORT)
Database=<DB Name>

In the above entry,

- The header of the entry should correspond to your DSN you used on Windows.
- Set the Driver parameter to the file name and location of the DataDirect driver for MS SQL   Server(the one  which we copied in step 2)
- The Address should be the IP of the SQL Server, then a comma, then the port (default1433).
- The Database should be set to the Database we are using.

5) We also need to make changes to the DBFeatures.ini file.

6) The DBFeatures.ini file can be located at $OracleBI/server/Config.

7) For the appropriate SQL server section in the file, turn the 

IDENTIFIER_QUOTE_CHAR parameter off by setting the following:


The default is:


Hope it helps. Kindly keep me posted for any more information

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