Tuesday, March 5, 2013

[TABLEAU] Auto Refreshing An Embedded Visualization Using Meta Refresh Tag

 Auto Refreshing an Embedded Visualization Using Meta Refresh Tag

Refreshing the data in an embedded view can be done automatically. To do this, embed the Tableau view into your webpage and add HTML code to do the refresh.

Creating the HTML Document

Step 1
Publish the view and copy the URL from the share button.

Step 2
Create a webpage. Below is an example of a standard format for a basic HTML doc. If using an existing page, skip this step.

Step 3
Create the iframe portion and insert the code for the iframe between the
tags of the HTML doc. 

Step 4
Use the URL from the published view as the target of the iframe.

Step 5
Add the options for the view after the URL. In this case, use ?:embed=yes&:refresh=yes

Step 6
Add the code to the automatically refresh the page.

The integer, in this case 7, is the number of seconds the web page will wait before updating and refreshing the view/data.

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