Wednesday, February 27, 2013

[OBIEE 11g] Building Physical Layer


Building Physical Layer in OBIEE 11g

This is first layer (first pan) in the Oracle BI Administration Tool to build a repository. In this layer you can import metadata information from different databases of different data sources like RDBMS (Oracle, MSSQL, MySQL, IBM DB2, MS-Access), Multidimensional ( Essbase), Excel sheets and Flat Files.

Physical Layer Objects.

To create physical layer and model of the repository development need to import metadata from data sources.

Importing Metadata from Sources

1. Create a New Repository go to Start - Programs - OracleBusinessIntelligence - Administration. 

Click yes if you want to import metadata now or select No to create a blank repository. Enter password for this repository. 

2. Now got to File - Import Metadata, Import samplesales1 schema from data source. Select Connection Type, DSN for the database, enter username and password of the database or source. 

3. Select the Metadata types you want to import.

4. Select tables from the database which you want to import. 

5. Verify the imported tables into physical layer. 

6. Now similarly using the above steps import the another schema samplesales2, using samplesales2 DSN and verify into physical layer - Select tables to import.

7. Again verify the new imported schema into physical layer.

8. Creating Alias Tables

Select a table - Right Click - New Object - Alias - Give a name for this new alias table and save it.

9. Follow below details to create Alias tables, using original tables from data source and define keys for each Alias table as shown in screen shot. 

10. Create join relationship between tables to Build Physical Diagram for both schemas. Right click on the schema and select Physical Diagram - Objects and All joins. Use Create New Join button to join tables.

11. Go to Manage select Join. Select Physical to review all the relationships into physical layer.

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